Disabling mouse acceleration

Are there any plans to allow disabling mouse acceleration via the GUI like you can in Gnome or KDE?

Looks like this has been largely ignored by the developers:


It’s great to see interest in fixing this.

I’d like to note basic sensitivity on the exact hardware that prompted my workaround post is now far far better under 18.04. The mouse is no longer overly-sensitive out of the box. A small step in the right direction. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, bringing up mate-mouse-properties on a fresh install of 18.04 shows bad settings all the way left… until you move them! Now, you have no idea what they were actually set to. There’s a basic setting sync missing or something.

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I’d be interested in hearing if others want this to be added to MATE. It really would be great to have this feature, but it seems like the developers are not interested at this point.

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As someone who plays videogames, count me in on the mouse acceleration GUI option. :slight_smile:

Quick google search tells me there more users interested recently too.