Disappearing Posts

Twice now I’ve made a new post, only to have it disappear somewhere in cyberspace once I hit the key ?

What’s with this?

Hi @dustpuppy, I’m not sure what it could be as the site should tell you if something is missing. But this software hasn’t been quirk-free so let us know if it happens again.

Hi dustpuppy,

have you tried searching through your own profile to see if the posts are indeed there?, you may have them showing there?. :smiley:

Your profile > Activity > Topics:

I’ve looked everywhere with no luck - thanks, but I’ve always had inexplicable things happen with electronic stuff - I’m used to it and nothing surprises me.
I apparently am sometimes “charged” or something - my just touching a mouse or keyboard has shut a computer down (have witnesses to many things). I can’t wear an electric watch - they stop working within a couple of weeks. My iPod has turned itself off in my shirt pocket while I was listening to it.
Never found any sort of explanation for any of the oddities. I can often hear the theme from the original “Twilight Zone” in my head…:grinning:

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A natural beta tester. :grin:


Yeah, if you're interested @dustpuppy we're looking for people like you for the QA Team. xD

Just now, having resorted to a windows laptop to use Yumi, after getting several distros onto a USB, Yumi can no longer find the iso files! And they’re right there, and it just finished using one.
You tell me :scream: