Display problem in ubuntu mate 20.4 in raspberry pi 3B

I have created a Ubuntu Mate 16.4 armhf/raspi ssd and installed successfully. It asked me to upgrade to 20,4.
I agreed and after around 2 hours upgrade completed.
However on restart , display was not coming properly.
Enclosing two snaps of the screen. One i assume is the desktop and another when i tried to
login again pressing keys from keyboard.
I could very well use keyboard and it responds. Like to shut down i pressed ctrl-alt-del and it systematically shut down , though it was not at all illegible.
I hope some one has an answer to this issue.
Another thing worth mention is it is showing lightning icon to indicate power supply is
inadequate. I have been using mobile charger power supply and it works perfectly will with raspibian version without any message about inadequate power supply.
I have ordered official powersupply and expecting in a week or so.
Thanks in advance

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Welcome @oorja to the community!

Last I looked it was recommended to not upgrade but rather do a fresh install on the R-Pi version of MATE when wanting to go to the next release.

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Yeah i quite agree.
In fact i have tried 20.04 but it was failing and read some where 16.04 is most compatible and should go for upgrade.I guess i would settle for 16 or 18.Installation on 16 was real fast and did in a jiffy.
Thanks for your reply

On RPi3B I found UbMate 18.04.03 was OK, but 20.04 too demanding.
The RPi OS seems to be a better bet.
The use of a powered hub for any peripherals means you don't so often run up against power problems.