Display problem on raspberry pi

I use a 5 inch display with my raspberry pi 3B+.But after install drivers,it only show a
colorful screen for a long time.What problem?

Oh,I forget to tell you:the green LED on the bottom flash quickly,and this driver(same) running on raspbian and kali linux normily.It can run on these systems.

anyone can solve this problem???

So far, you've not givrn much info:

  1. which version of UbuntuMate are you trying to run?
  2. does it work connected to a 'conventional' monitor/TV/
  3. have you tried connecting via SSH to look at the system?
  4. have you recorded the display details for raspbian and kali?
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1 18.04 LTS(armhf/32)
2 yes
3 no
4 yes,it works fine.(but I can't find the video)

At least under raspbian
tvservice -s
will show woking parameters for the TV, which may suggest how to force the ubuntu install by using config.txt parameters.
My installs of the same version work for several different displays, including those via vga adapter which doesn't pass the EDID correctly

@dandnsmith I will try it later :slightly_smiling_face: