Display Startup Script


I've written a bash script and have it running on startup but it doesn't show the terminal windows when it runs, it just runs in the background.

The script has some user input so i need it to show, how can this be done?

thanks in advance

If the script was added to Start-up Applications for when you log on, use this command instead:

mate-terminal -e "/path/to/script"

This would open the MATE Terminal to run the script, otherwise it runs in the background.

Alternately, you could change the script to use zenity to show a dialogue box to enter user input:

input=$(zenity --entry --title="This is the title" --text="Enter something here" --width=500)
echo "$input"

For all the other kinds of dialogues zenity can create, see its manual:

man zenity

That is a wonderful answer but @ashtonwatts do you mean the user must input something
eg....type 6 (and press enter) when you say

The script has some user input

If so, you might like to look at "read"

here is an example of read...section Adding Interactive Mode

and slightly more simple example

EDIT extra
I forgot to mention that I am assuming this script is in your home dir for autostart scripts and not attempting a system wide init script which can not IMHO have an interactive user input because that part of the system is yet to be established.