Do Gnome extensions work in Mate?

There is some Gnome extensions that I think are useful. Are Gnome extensions compatible with Ubuntu Mate 17.04?

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No, the extensions are for GNOME Shell, which was a new part of GNOME 3, so not forked into MATE or incorporated later.

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This is one of the main problems with linux, seen as an operating system to support end-user apps, which are mostly GUI in nature.

This supports this, that supports that, there’s no skeleton to support it all, so the thing just flops around like a chicken.

That’s my contribution for the day, are you helped?

(Didn’t think so, i’ll try harder tomorrow.)

Thanks for Sharing - But i'll like to say again : There is anywhere else where you can choose, custom and share your operating system. How many desktops environments are available on Linux ? How many ways of computing ?

Most of softwares are available in any DE and most distro. Gnome extensions are more like part a of a specific DE which is Gnome.
What do like to do for instance that makes you want to install Gnome Extensions ? May i ask ?

If you want GNOME extensions with the Ubuntu base of software, use Ubuntu GNOME instead. Pretty simple, yeah?

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not the least bit simple imo

Now you’re just being subjective. Ubuntu GNOME would give everything the OP was seeking, sans the familirity stuff that comes with Ubuntu MATE.

Yes, but the effort required of the user, in order to migrate from what is installed by default, to the gnome equivalents, is what i am saying is non-trivial, not-common-knowledge, not-simple. Unless there is perhaps some easy method of conversion, a script perhaps, which i think is doubtful, due to lack of demand. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that it isn’t as simple as it can be made to sound. fwiw.

Do you not know there is an official flavour of Ubuntu with the GNOME desktop?

“you” who, the OP or me?

I’m not sure why, if somebody wanted gnome, he’d be using Ubuntu instead of Debian.

Whatever, i hope the OP gets his/her situation solved acceptably. I’m perfectly happy with Ubuntu-MATE, though Ubuntu itself could use some serious fixing imo (and heck no, i’m not volunteering).

I much prefer MATE, and have just returned to it having tried to use Gnome, but it would be great to be able to use the Gnome extension Vitals (in particular, the ability to show the current battery drain in watts, but also I like it's extensive number of monitored elements and its configurability).

Hi jon,

This is probably as close as you can get:

It misses out on some info, but on the other hand, some info in Vitals is unreliable (like batterydrain in watts, which is a pretty inaccurate derivative estimate)

Anyway, if you like this gadget:
sudo apt install psensor

Hi @tkn , I like your theme...can u share it? What is its name?

Ambiant-MATE-Dark (actually Ambiant-MATE-Dark-Red) with a custom red/black background i intentionally searched for
( looks like the site is constantly changing the URL-path for this picture, anyway you should be good with this link:
Msi Wallpaper on Wallpapersnap
and search for it)

Sadly the Ambiant themes are no longer in the repository but thanks to @lah7, hosting the Ambiant themes including all color variants, we still have the luxuary to be able to install it.
Please visit this link for a bit of background and the commands to add the PPA :slight_smile:

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