Do you have PPC64 hardware?

As we steadily march towards official status we also gain the oppportunity to enable more hardware platform support, which I am happy to do providing there are sufficient people to test it.

So, do you have PPC64 hardware? If so, reply below with your system specifications.

Are you referring to ppc64 little endian?

64 bit big endian machines such as G5s used in the later macs are already supported. They use the 32bit userspace, but have their own kernel which we already ship on the ISO.

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I suppose both, but initially G4/G5 type devices. I’d love to get Ubuntu MATE working on Power8 though.

But PowerPC (G4/G5) is the initial focus. To that end, I submitted patches yesterday that will also us to build Ubuntu MATE 15.04 PowerPC images on the official Canonical infrastructure.

@smiffy, I’ll need you help you make sure the Ubuntu MATE seeds are correct for PowerPC.

Good news, the Ubuntu MATE are now mirrored in the official Canonical infrastructure on a daily basis. I know you sent me your seed modification in the past, I’ll try and merge them later :smile:

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Yes have 3 iMac G5s and a currently non working PowerMac G5 DP 1.8 with another on the way.

Hello I have G4 Dual Processor and would like to help let me know what or how i can help

I’ve got an iMac G5 (PPC970FX) 1.6GHz, unfortunately only 768Mb RAM. Currently it’s running Lubuntu Xenial, but I’ll be happy to do some testing with Ubuntu MATE 16.10 on it somewhere in the near future :smile:

PowerMac G5 Dual-Core (not Dual CPU!) 2.0Ghz, 7GB RAM, NVIDIA FX4500 512MB DVI-Dual-linked to Acer 27" @2560x1440, Super Drive, WLAN via USB-Dongle, Windows-Keyboard (Skiller PRO), Logitech G5 Mouse.

All specs:

16.04+16.10 does not boot into a usable Desktop, see: Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS does not even boot live-dvd PowerMac G5

As a side-note: I also got an iBook G4 1.33Ghz, 1.5GB RAM, 32MB ATI 9550 Raedon Mobility, 16GB SSD

All specs:

16.04. boots and installs - but GUI freezes after a random amount of time, see: MATE 16.04 on iBook G4 GUI freezes - does not work