Do you prefer a non-default system font?

So I've had Mate installed for a bit, and I roam around and see I change system fonts. I don't love the default font -- but I changed it to Condensed and... I don't know... I kinda like it better.

Is there a font and style you prefer? Just curious.

(If you're curious why my choice went 'so big' it's because this is a PC at my TV -- and I need things a little bigger both because of distance from screen and my eyes.

Because of a desire of scaling I found the default font lettering was wider than it was tall. By making the letters taller than they are wide, and then increasing their size, it sort of makes everything feel a tad bigger.)

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I use Canossa Pro from Softmaker

Can I (we) see? (I also don't know what Softmaker is but will look it up.) (Ahh, it's some sort of payfor Office variant.) Something like this -- ?

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I use and prefer Noto Sans

I prefer plain DejaVu Sans. I keep trying different system fonts but keep coming back to it, just like Clearlooks/TraditionalOk theme.

At present trying to be on Ubuntu (which is a great font BTW), as long as possible. Noto Sans is a good too. I prefer it (slightly) over Open Sans where the dot on 'i' is not distinguishable, which for some reason bothers me :grin:

Thanks for replies folks. I'm playing around with them.

yeah that looks like it but i don't have to pay for it if you get their office suite even the free one you get a free font each month which is how i get it, from what I understand they are actually more of a font company than an office company the office suite is just their side project that helps get them more widely known which in turn probably helps their fonts sales

Under UM 19.10 I used Roboto together with Qogir windows theme. It looked quite nice. However, under 20.10 I've prefered to keep as many defaults as bearable. So I returned to Ubuntu font.