Do you use any other font instead of the default Ubuntu?

I love the default font- it’s sleek, readable and sweet to the eyes. But for some time I’ve been playing around with some other fonts. Right now I’m using Roboto.

Just wanted to know if you guys use other fonts. Please feel free to share!:relaxed:

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I use Cantarell for the desktop UI and saxMono for fixed width text (terminal and text editor).


i really like Comfortaa for desktop

and Fantasque Sans Mono for mah terminal

although i'm going to try out saxMono from @terzag

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I’ve been using Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro for years.

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Can I get an image of your font settings? Those fonts look cool!

I installed IBM Plex on my terminal and adjusted font color to neon green on a black terminal window. Just install BSD games and you are in an instant time-warp.