Do you use the TOR browser?

To be honest, I’m a bit confused
The world’s safest operating system Linux offers a potentially unsafe tool - TOR?

For the first time I installed this browser from the Ubuntu Mate 18.04 software boutiqe

And everything is reduced to an ordinary surf over DuckDuckGo
I have read out great texts about TOR - from technically useful to idiotic brainwashing by words

Then I watched up a few video clips from youtube service and one statement left interest to me - a photon computer and permissions are needed to find all the info.

Well, nice - I’m going to wipe it out of my system, I don’t have nothing of mentioned.

I just don’t know how to wipe out all those crazy people who show up on TV News every day?

Hi @Vladimir75,

there are pros and cons to using it (I don’t use it myself): :smiley:

I think I would use a VPN over Tor???: :smiley:

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Thank you Wolfie, little more material to read about computer and internet technology

but after 24h of analyzing of all info that I’ve read about and a little use of Tor I found that everything it was about money and the primal sense of power.

Somenone wants to be Alfa of the crowd goo-goo-gooo

From a sociological point of view, all manipulative things and methods we have already exists in the real world by the centuries.
Manipulation start with our birth to be honest.

From the technical point of view system is dedicated for the one way of the communication between some people using the flip flop their servers on the network.

From the point of view of simple user - i dont see the point of so much bouncing the IP address just to open a site which is not in Google’s or Yahoo’s or anyother database? When you opt out your own site of public addressing it will go to that “deep web”. And for sure back to the 90’s style of browsing is boring with a lot of spam.

Just for the little fun.

I’ve found an info that the number of TOR user first was about 250K then grows up to 4M and after reaching the sum of 6M users go down to mentioned 4M

I’ve start to think about that 2M of users …
They might have been disappointed because they did not find which monkey stealing money?
The number of monkey thieves increased significantly: bankers, politicians, sport club owners (for sure they cheat with the results), police, military, city major, dealers, managers, doctors… oh my… wait please wait all of you… there is enough bananas for all, dont be so selfish and greedy.

“If the civilization wants to make progress then it has to turn its back on Nature.
But if the civilization wants to survive then it must return to Nature”
Nikola Tesla

So the final answers is - when the lazy, selfish and greedy people find out the mystery of Life is sharper then them, maybe will consider returning to the farming way of life.

In desire to get a safe and anonymous browser I’ve installed a few plug-ins for firefox

noscript - to select which sripts are allowed
uBlock origin - to block banners
user-agent switcher to mask browser and system
Touch VPN (first that I’ve found from the many offered)

every single mentioned plug-in do the job by itself, but all together makes surfing quite impossible.
So if you want safe system - just disconnect yourself :smiley:

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In any case, it’s not a entertainment system, because it’s essentially a government project primarily requiring a mentally stable personality to circumvent unwanted things.
TOR is government project, not founded by my granny on the countryside for sure.

I agree that everyone should be cautious and safe
And then, we find something worse than the TOR:

I heard that in some countries of northern Europe you can not get a job if you do not participate in a government project. There are rumors that the whole thing goes further …
It’s funny - in the provided dailymail link above, the implant project was tested on criminals (to satisfy the form of public moral) but then will be used on employees (maybe they are all (ex-)criminals) as a regular thing?

What does the government say (or still have to say)?
“If you use TOR you are potentially suspicious but if you refuse the implant then you are a offender”
And what if the same kind of person(s) behind the TOR and the implant project?

Many thanks to Ubuntu (which means Humanity) software boutique on the strange program that is being offered. I switched to Linux because Windows did not solve a lot of security issues for all these years, even made them worse with Win10, and this TOR is a defect of IT technology lovers. Abuse is not a use and I’ve learned something new. VPN is better choice for me (with all PROS and CONS arguments).

Oh my…
Yesterday I’ve spent yet more life time with yt videos which were made by the domestic people.
They just made the bad copy of original videos in English and demonstrate their low level of knowledge.
Still have to watch some public conference in duration of 2h

All of the other things are stories about manipulative stupidities done with less or more success.
I think it’s a some kind of big social experiment where the people participate (waste their time) for free in persuasive combinations with mixed sound and graphics. Lucky them - the third component, aroma, is not included.

Curiosity is natural thing that exists in every living being, but the desire for watching the shocking things behind the both computer or TV screens is something irrational where much more wiser people earn the profit.

I am a fan of stories about aliens. But they are too shy and is hard to find an any to make negotiations and start the intergalactic mass production for very big money to both companies. Just imagine - me and alien partner on the cover of the Wall Street Journal - “THE BIG DEAL” . WOW!
The stories about the ghosts are nice but no one can explain to me the next:
animals are also victims in huge numbers but there is no single confession of their afterlife.
Or electrostatic area… You know, one day the Sun will explode and the Earth will be burned down, and what shall ghosts do then? And of course, my potential intergalactic business will be ruined as well.

At the end of the wasting time with such things you just realise that you have been tricked up with trojans on your computer.
But during the reinstallation process of the system no one of the mentioned above will assists you. :smiley:

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Hi @Vladimir75,

using safe surfing practice is what will keep you safe, don’t click on links from 3rd party offers on websites, clear your browsing data after closing the browser, don’t save passwords or forms within your browser (online banking, EBay, Amazon etc), always log in to an account and never save username or password (it is a pain but safer imo). :smiley:

Even VPN’s can cause problems as some sites won’t let you view their pages if you are suspected of using such a tool!. This isn’t to say you will have major problems, you just might now and again!. :smiley:

Hi Wolfie!

I absolutely agree with your advices. The things that you have mentioned is something that we must learn during the time. Not just because of the people over the internet which we don’t know, but for sure we must keep our privacy from the people near us who have some administrative experiences in dealing with application history files (friends, relatives or colleagues)
They all like to peek for the simple reason which is not always bad or organized, just because of the natural need that they can’t resist of :smiley:

I have already demonstrate to one neighbour why she have been hacked from the her best friend just because of default options in the browser (log in password that were kept).

Now I am about to write some little observation after the start of this topic, firstly very confused but now the things are more clear.

Sounds almost perfectly…

My question is:
“If I buy some apples (or Microsoft Windows 10) on the market why the seller follows me after the shopping in the name of his product”?
Sounds much more clearer…
The question about sociopathic problem covered with a lot of activism and propaganda around.

I mean: who are you to watch everyone, keep your eye on the law offenders and world peace if you are not somehow connected with that or even worse the part of that (and now many governments will shut up wisely)

I run a Tor relay on a separate computer at home and use the Tor browser elsewhere. As I live in a country that applies censorship, Tor works because it is decentralized. It won’t be blocked easily like a VPN.

Also, I’d suggest encrypting your devices to protect them against theft.


Very wise suggestion indeed but decision was made:

not because of opposite opinions that I've found till now, both sides have nice arguments
The main problem is that I get lot of results with no sense for used keywords in few search engines after a long waiting
If I do not understand something, then I will not use it
especially if there is no need for it

No single scientist is happy about that his invention dedicated to humanity is funded by the military.

Technology will progress so much fast in the desire for control,
but no one will be able to control that technology

Nikola Tesla

p.s. the only one thought from this scientist that makes me sad is the his opinion about the aliens… he claims there is no possibility (if we understand how the universe functioning) for that long distance visits but also claims the mysterious flying objects are already on Earth

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  • Tor is secure, however, de-anonymization is possible
  • NSA (and some others) operate Tor nodes
  • “Dumb users” will always be vulnerable (thanks God for that)

My behaviours
I like to use public wi-fi almost for everything (surf, many public forums, downloads etc.) and didn’t face any single issue from anyone because I am a fan of waiting in the bank for my money and don’t use such networks for personal e-mail. Also my computer is free from all unwanted processes because I’ve use only the apps and sites that I need. At the end I like my name so much so I don’t have need to hide it from anyone because it’s nice. :smiley: