Dock Icon/Title of application is wrong

I seem to be having this issue (as far as i know, only with one application) where the icon and title for the game i'm playing is completely wrong, in the screenshot below i'm playing warframe but it says that it is apparently "Toontown Corperate Clash", which is another game i had previously installed on my system via wine, any ideas?

I have also tried the following commands to no success :

update-icon-caches /usr/share/icons/*


can you right click the icon and rename it?. :thinking:

Nope, just has the option to "Keep in dock", or "Close".

What about looking in the Wine folder and/or Wine settings to see if there is something there?. :thinking:

What wine folder? In the prefix for my game? There's no icons relating to toontown corperate clash or anything of the like.

You said it is showing "Toontown Corperate Clash" which you installed via Wine, that is why I asked you to look in there to see if there is a connection or not?. :thinking:

No there is no connection, the wine prefix is completely separate, and it's a completely different game.

Not sure what made it bug out, but wiping all of the wine program/game icons seemed to resolve the issue (note to readers, use at your own discretion) :

cd ~/.local/share/applications
rm -rf wine*
rm -rf wine

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