Document Scanner program paper size issue

Using Mate 19.10 on a new System76 Meerkat. Scanning worked fine but suddenly it's defaulting to legal size when using "text" setting. If we choose "image", it scans letter perfectly.

Scanner is an HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 and is connected via USB.

To provide more information and to ask some questions:
We go into preferences, choose resolution and paper size (letter), then click on the scan drop down arrow, choose all pages from feeder, choose text and then scan. Scan comes through as letter perfectly and then for some reason, changes to legal size that forces us to crop every scan.

On the question side, it took us a few head scratches to figure out that image means color and text means black. Not really sure why the developer did that but it's a bit puzzling.

If someone can advise why this is happening and how to correct as I am thinking we are doing something wrong, it would be appreciated.