Does mate require layout options?

Hi all, Gnome 2 environment is heavily customisable and fast. User can change layout as per his/her wish. Thanks to mate for keeping it alive. But I didn't understand why a user require layout option(Ex: Unity layout, Gnome3 layout, elementory layout) since user can customise as per his/her wish. Since mate environment comes with default gnome2 elegant design and customisation. There is no point in providing layout options and there is no need of adding an extra application to customize(Like ubuntu did Uinty Tweaks,gnome tweaks) since mate environment doesn't require extra aplication. Most of the ubuntu users shifted to other distros because of ubuntu shifted the environment from gnome2 to other and that was the begining of ubuntu environment downfall. But ubuntu environment luckily survived with Global menu,application launcher and terminal's scrollbar and blurry bacakground. Including the missing ones to mate is perfectly all right, like global menu(which gives iconic view to the terminal) and application launcher(Gives quick access to applications on a single keystroke). I noticed Brisk menu and Desktop(Not the environment) are not loading fast.
While loading desktop it seems like gnome3 is been loading.

  1. Fast and customizable (Like gnome2)
  2. Global menu(which is already there)
  3. Blurry effect (Users eagerly looking for it and moving to other distros for it)
  4. Optimised and fastest application launcher
  5. Security(Already there)
  6. Gaming support
    These 6 option can bring mate environment on the top of the all desktop environments. I wish mate don't loose by itself in the name of mimicking other operating systems environment. Then there is no need to look at the sky for rain.

It's to expedite familiarity. People who have been using Ubuntu for a decade solid, way back when GNOME 2 was what it came with know this after much tinkering previous, but somebody who is really, really new doesn't know what I do. So options available through mate-tweak makes it possible for completely new individuals to settle into something they might like better than "Traditional."