Does MATE support raspberry camera module?


I’ve installed MATE on my raspberry Pi2 B with camera module, but can’t find camera device. There is no reaps-config installed so I edit /boot/config.txt manually with the following configuration:

and then reboot, but nothing happened. I am wondering that if MATE has built the device module for Camera?
I also check with vcgencmd get_config command it says variable is unknown.

Does someone know this?


stevecook172001(in his “A flying tour of my desktop” post in the vid section), was using an add-on program to use his web-cam-thing, it may require something like that. “Cheese” was the program.

I’m not sure the Ubuntu-mate sd-card image, has much of anything other then drivers for what is directly on the main Pi2 board. Then again, I’m not even sure if the ‘setup wizard’ needs the thing plugged in then (on first boot), just to give you the drivers for it.

I haven’t had a chance to try much of anything the past few days, as playing vids on the Raspberry has been giving me grief. Your Question in combination with what I’ve been struggling with, dose raise some interesting doubts about the Raspberry Pi2. Even at 900Mhz with four cores, can it do video at all?

stevecook172001, is NOT doing that vid on a Pi2, it’s a much faster PC, much much faster, lol. intel i3 quad core, with a “little cheap Logitec” video-cam-thing.
I do have a direct interest in that cam, and the driver thing, as my mother will need one for that ‘facebook’ thing, and my dad has an interest in setting them up as well.

A step by step walk-threw for setting up the Pi2 cam-module in Ubuntu-mate would be extremely helpful.
I see that you’ve set the GPU ram to 256MB. by default on the Pi2 it is set to 64MB if I’ve read that corectly elsewhere, shoulden’t that be enough for video capture and playback? or is more needed for that?

Playing vids with Ubuntu MATE is ugly (I’ve tried Youtube), CPU power of cause could be one reason. tricky thing is when I running OSMC or openELEC on the same board. Video was playing good even HD.

Well, since I’d like to run Cheese like application over PI2, Ubuntu MATE is currently I can imaging.

128 MB is the minimum requirement for cam module, so I’d like to give it 256MB for better performance. I did not try 128MB. Actually, gpu_mem=256 doesn’t take effect. Will try 128MB later.

I looked up the config stuff on the RAM, and played a bit. Looks like 256MB GPU is far better for vid playback then 64MB, I didn’t push it further (I kind of didn’t dare to). Vids are still kind of crummy.

I added a USB sound thing (super cheep Logitech A-5572A thing), and that actually made vids a bit smother. I suspect it may possibly be the 16bit to 11bit down-sampling CPU load there, tho not sure. It’s still far from perfect, tho it did at least get rid of the popping every time the vid stuttered.

The sound thing was stupid-simple to set up. Plugged it in, turned on the Pi2. Right-clicked the speaker, to get to the “Sound Preferences”. Went to the ‘output’ tab, and put a single tic in the “USB Headset Analog Stereo” thing. Closed it, and rebooted to be sure it took, and that was it. I have been unable to get Raspbian GUI to keep it as default tho, even after setting it to ‘0’ and the BCM2835 as ‘1’ (shrugs shoulders). Don’t matter, it works in Mate.

My major mistake, was getting a powered USB 3.0 hub, that nothing I have will work on with the raspberry, lol. So if anything, it’s just back-feeding extra juice into the Pi2 (sarcastically. yea, right).

I was just looking threw the “Ubuntu Software Center”, and noticed a few different things for vids, tho not much for adjusting Mate desktop eye-candy effects. Yea, I’m still looking for anything I can perform weight-reduction with, akin to the Doolittle Raid. Anything to streamline the OS for the Pi2. Bluetooth, WiFi, don’t have it, don’t want it, removed it from the “Startup” thing.