Does someone know how to solve this VLC playback indicator problem?

Dear all,

Despite VLC playing, the sound indicator does not properly reflect this state as shown in the screenshot.

Does someone know how to resolve this problem?

Thank you!


I don’t use VLC, but SMPlayer with mpv instead. So apologies in advance if I may seem to be fishing for an answer to your problem.

Let’s start by checking that you have the vlc-plugin-notify package installed.

EDIT: And which version of VLC you have installed? Did you use the videolan ppa or the ubuntu repos?

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@marfig thank you! I do appreciate your help a lot. :slight_smile:

Responding to your two questions:

vlc-plugin-notify: 2.2.4-14ubuntu2
vlc: 2.2.4-14ubuntu2

You seem to have installed from the unstable branch, @orschiro. The latest stable branch is 2.2.2.

You will probably want to uninstall, remove the PPA from which you installed this version and then install VLC from either the official Ubuntu repos, or if you wish to stay on top of the development progress, use this PPA for daily builds of the stable branch:

@marfig, I am on 17.04. Hence the default package there is 2.2.4:

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Ok, right. Sorry mate. Someone else has to step in. I don’t use 17.04.

No, however I can confirm I'm also affected by this issue and I will mark myself as affected if you chose to submit a bug report.
I think VLC is the culprit here, not the sound indicator. Indeed Clementine is not affected by this issue.

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Thanks for your support, @ouroumov!

Advice: bug report against vanilla VLC or the Ubuntu package?

I’d say the Ubuntu package for a start, it’ll be pushed upstream if necessary.

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