Does Ubuntu MATE community have Youtube Channel?

I recently helped the French openSUSE community to edit simple video tutorial about openSUSE.
here the channel (using Yast2 and drawing and painting demo under openSUSE)
I am far far away from being professional but with the help and support of communities making this kind of video is not that hard (takes time yes) and it could be useful in my point of view, for new users.
As you can see from link, videos are short and made with a specific target.
-How to use … this particular soft
-How to install … softwares (for instance)

  • Drawing / Painting (tools available)
    etc …
    So, what do you think about making videos about Ubuntu Mate ?
    best regards

We do have a area to post videos.

Thanks v3xx,

So then it means that we must have for instance Youtube Channel and then Share in here ?
I have no interest into my own Channel or what ever the video source. This is just an idea but i prefer the community to care about what to do / Edit …
I can try making some video but then … How to share / communicate / etc …
thanks anyway :grinning:

If users don't have any youtube (others) channel

Hi Tristan

I would think sharing the link here would be good.

all right …
Thanks v3xx

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Where could i find artworks ? I mean officials logos, svg, pictures etc ?

Hi all !

My first video about Ubuntu MATE is here :

This is in french right now, but i am thinking about writing in both languages - as always this depend of the time i can spend on this.
My wish is more to have a community’s channel, but if we cannot right now have one, i will try participate from this channel. If someone like to help or simply have ideas about what to show / how to do it better, he’ s just welcome !
feedback and thoughts are welcome too !
enjoy UM ! :blush:

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