Double Paste Bug when pasting images

So yeah, if I have an image in my clipboard (Print Screen -> Copy to clipboard), and I hit CTRL+V in this window here where I'm typing this post, this happens.

Double paste, each time. I have verified this is not a keyboard problem or a case of jittery fingers.
I'm using Firefox 51, with uBlock Origin, HTTPS everywhere and Privacy Badger.

If you check the HTML source you'll notice that (thankfully for the server) it's actually the same image (I suspect hash deduplication of uploaded content.), it's just that there's one HTML tag too many.

Anyone else having this bug?

Lol @anon42388993 your post made my morning. x'D

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Hey there ouroumov

Yep, I can duplicate this behavior. No pun intended :grin:

Maybe @lah7 can explain it.


Yes! And it’s not new. But I always blamed my keyboard after deleting the 2nd code text. :smirk:

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I can replicate the problem in Firefox too (without any plugins/extensions). That was by using the “Copy to Clipboard”… drag-and-dropping a file seems fine.

I use Chrome mostly, so I never noticed this.

We’re actually a few versions behind for Discourse. I’ll prod @Wimpy to upgrade.

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Latest Upgrade seems to have fixed this issue, thanks.

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