Download old releases of Ubuntu MATE

Archived downloads, checksums and torrent files are now served at:

List of codenames up to 20.10
Release Codename Notes
14.10 utopic First remix release
14.04 trusty Second remix release
15.04 vivid First official flavour release
15.10 wily
16.04 xenial LTS
16.10 yakkety
17.04 zesty
17.10 artful
18.04 bionic LTS
18.10 cosmic
19.04 disco
19.10 eoan
20.04 focal LTS
20.10 groovy

:date: This topic is dedicated to preserving the history of the distro. Maybe you're a collector or simply would like to travel to the past and run Ubuntu MATE on previously supported hardware (e.g. PowerPC).

:mag: Finding old ISOs of Ubuntu flavours can be tricky. 'Regular' Ubuntu archive theirs at while we (as of August 2020) archive ours at If you do find an Ubuntu MATE ISO in the wild, you'll want to check they have the correct checksums to maintain data integrity.

:earth_africa: Availability of a torrent depends on other users who are seeding the torrent around the world. It's possible the file is no longer being seeded or needs new trackers.

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:ubuntu_mate: Ubuntu MATE Remix

Prior to becoming an official Ubuntu flavour. 14.10 was released first, followed by a LTS build based on 14.04. See Wikipedia for release dates.

:apple: Original PowerPC Build

This was originally kickstarted by a community member. This build was based on 14.04.1.

Filename  ubuntu-mate-14.04.1-dev.34508-desktop-powerpc.iso
MD5       2bb57b2bbf87b668a94c38dd0393b263
SHA1      9fe995a2832e2c0bcce5604b08095fb7217882ac
SHA256    b53d2836c00a2f9180353e908f09ee9eb4b17138dcc72bf692c6bd68b2756032