[Driver] MT7601U for LB-Link 802.11N USB Wireless Adapter

One of the most annoying things is purchasing a wireless device (especially cheap ones) and finding it does not work out of the box. The LB-Link Nano USB adapter from eBay is one of those.

Fortunately, you can get it to work on i386 and amd64 systems by downloading and compiling an open source driver.

:heavy_check_mark: Works on Ubuntu MATE 14.04 and 15.10.
:no_entry_sign: May not work on the Raspberry Pi 2.

:warning: The repository mentioned in this post has since been removed.

Instead, try this driver:

The original topic is below.

Install in one command.

Try @phpandsql's command in post 2.

Find out the chipset of your adapter

Type lsusb into the terminal:

Bus 008 Device 002: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. MT7601U Wireless Adapter

If you've got the same adapter (or chipset inside), follow these instructions to get the device working.


These instructions may no longer be necessary in future versions, as the README states deprecation and is now part of the 4.2 kernel, although it still doesn't work out of the box with Ubuntu 15.10 (running Linux kernel 4.2)


  1. First, you will need a temporary internet connection to download and install some essential packages:

    sudo apt-get install git make build-essential
  2. We'll need a place to store the driver. Navigate somewhere and then clone the repository:

    mkdir Drivers
    cd Drivers/
    git clone https://github.com/porjo/mt7601
    cd mt7601/src/
  3. Proceed to make the driver, then install it to the system.

    sudo make install

    Tip: Add -j4 to the end of make to use all 4 cores of the CPU. Change this to how many your system has.

  4. If everything is successful, it's time to activate it. The device will be ready to go after a reboot, so this only needs to be done once.

    sudo modprobe mt7601Usta

The wireless stick should start working!

The driver needs recompiling on each update.

:warning: Every time there is a new kernel update, you will need to execute make clean in the directory and repeat steps 3-4

If the driver was registered with DKMS, this wouldn't be necessary.

To automate some of this, consider using a script like so:

cd Desktop/Nano_Wireless_Driver/mt7601/src/
make clean
sudo make install
sudo modprobe mt7601Usta

Actually this will work:

sudo wget https://github.com/porjo/mt7601/raw/master/src/mcu/bin/MT7601.bin -O /lib/firmware/mt7601u.bin && sudo modprobe -r mt7601u && sudo modprobe mt7601u

how can i make it work for raspberri pi 2?

@saurabh_arora, please try @phpandsql’s command. Let me know if it works! Otherwise, it may still be a i386/amd64 only driver.

Hi lah7!
First, thanks a lot. In second place, sorry by my english.
The driver works almost perfect.
Because, each time I turn on my PC the speed conection is very slow,
Although, when I unplug my LB-Link Nano USB adapter and I plug it again, it works perfectly,
Then I have to unplug-plug the device, each time I turn on my PC, to make it works properly.

Could you help me with this?
Thanks a lot.

Sorry, I don’t actually use this wireless adapter or know enough about networking issues, please consider making a new thread for help (and specify which version of Ubuntu MATE too). :frowning:

this repo is no longer available in github:

Any other suggestion?

That's a pity the source code was removed. :confused: I don't actually use this adapter nor have a copy of the original repository.

But.... there are some other repositories that provide a driver for this device - try one of these:

GitHub Search for "mt7601"

This one looks like it will work: