Drivers for Netgear A6200

Hi, i have this network:
Three FritzBox Routers. The first 7490 connected to ISP and has DHCP. The second 7390 works as WiFi access point (DHCP and firewall are disabled). The third 4020 is Guest Wifi.
Raspberry Pi 2 connected to 7390, got the IP from 7490, but can ping only 7390. If i connect Raspberry Pi 2 to 7490 - it works, if i connect Raspberry Pi 2 to 4020 - it works as well.

If i connect Raspberry Pi 2 to 7390 via cable - it works. Now i would like to change USB-WiFi card. The new one is Netgear A6200. I'm trying to install drivers, but i can't:
apt-get install ndisgtk
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package ndisgtk

How i can install Netgear drivers?
I have other devices connected to 7390 (like Laptop with IP - they are working without any problems.

Thank you.

ndiswrapper is only available for the PC architecture. It's incompatible with the Raspberry Pi and won't have any packages for it.

You will need to install the Linux drivers (if there is one for your card's chipset). To help find them, please tell us the output of:


Netgear occasionally has different versions of their devices with different chipsets inside, which is why the ID will be useful.

and the second:

so, in my case i just changed USB-WiFi Card. Now all works.