Dual Boot UM 17.04 And Windows 10

I have dual booted my laptop with following configuration:

  1. SSD - Windows 10 Professional. Single partition.
  2. HDD - 5 partitions. 3 for windows and 2 for Ubuntu (mount - / and swap area).

My problem is that post successful installation of Ubuntu. After logging into Ubuntu (mate 17.04) the screen is static. Mouse cursor is moving but I can’t see any icons or carry out any actions (no taskbar / start / menus / etc.).

My laptop is Dell Alienware 17 R4.

How do I resolve this?

Hallo Parth

I gave up dual-booting because it was just too much hassle in the long run. I use virtual machines instead, which at the time of writing provides the tools I require with a lower “hassle-overhead”.

This isn’t a technical solution for your problem, rather a strategy suggestion in case a technical solution can’t be found.