Dual Monitor Problem with Fractional Scaling (?)


I just installed Ubuntu Mate 21.10 on a GPD Pocket 3. I was trying the dual monitor setup for the Pocket 3, and for the most part it does work. However, one of the monitors seems to be stuck in a scaled mode ( Fractional Scaling ? ). When I try to fix the one that is scaled by changing the resolution the other monitor ends up being scaled.

In Ubuntu, there is a Fractional Setting toggle under Display Settings, but I can't seem to find one in Ubuntu Mate. I've been trying to search around, but most of the comments I see point to a GUI setting page which is not in Ubuntu Mate or a terminal command that is specific to Ubuntu only. I'm hoping if I disable Fractional scaling that will fix this issue. Does anyone know how to disable or toggle Fractional Scaling for Ubuntu Mate?

Not sure what happened, after a reboot, the scaling problem resolved itself on its own.

The only thing I did differently was do a hard power off since during the shutdown process the machine stalled. However, later on, when I started the machine both monitors were running at 1920 x 1080 with no scaling on both monitors.