Dual monitor, shortcuts or tricks to move a window to the right monitor?

I have Ubuntu Mate 18.04, using dual monitor with a projector. I can drag a window to the right "monitor" and that appears on the projector screen, obviously I can drag back the window to the primary monitor.
I see that there are no hotkeys (shortcut) to do this in Mate. Surfing the web I found some docs on wmctrl, but I can't put it at work.
I see that Libreoffice Impress automatically recognize the extended monitor and use it.
Somebody can help me?

If you open the Keyboard Shortcuts app, under the Window Management
section there are a few entries that allow you to do this:

  • Move window to north (top) monitor
  • Move window to south (bottom) monitor
  • Move window to east (right) monitor
  • Move window to west (left) monitor

I personally have them set up to Ctrl+Mod4+[Up|Down|Right|Left],
respectively. Is this what you're looking for?

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Thank you for your answer vkareh.
Finally I wrote some scripts using xdotool because I realized that I needed something much than simply move the windows: for my purposes was necessary resize and fullscreen and other tricks.