Dual monitor with isolated workspaces

Hi, how are you doing?
been using ubuntu mate for some years now, love it.
im working on an electronics project on a separate computer, and i need the following:

the pc has 2 monitors attached. i need to have one session for each, independent of each other.
i can move my mouse form one to the other but not any windows. each session goes in each monitor and has it own set of task bars, etc.
if i make an app full screen on one session it will be bound to the boundaries of that session.
i hope it makes sense.

ive done some testing with lightdm multi seat but is not what i want.
i believe the original way multi screen worked was like this. i remember vaguely having this setup many years ago. but now ubuntu mate is using lightm and many things have changed.

any ideas?

I assume the pc has 2 video cards, one card goes to the left monitor, the other to the right monitor. You would need two X running, one on vt7 and another on vt8, userA will work with vt7, userB with vt8. This link discusses multi-seat.


Hi thanks for the reply. I forgot to mention its the onboard graphics that has 2 outputs. And it will be just me, one user with one set of keyboard and mouse