Dual Screens - one works fine, the other is black shows mouse pointer


on the graphic card Asus GeForce GT620 (attached to mother board MSI H61M-P31/W8) I have connected two Viewsonic screens, one via HDMI and one VGA blue connector cable. It used to work fine. Just a while ago the second screen to the right which is the VGA cable connected one turned black but if I move my mouse pointer there it will show it, but I cannot move any windows there - if I try they flicker. It used to show same background wallpaper as the main HDMI connected screen. I've tried various options with the Nvidia X Server settings but it didn't change anything. Also since the new update to 17.04 it's not very responsive. Do you know how I can get the second screen on the VGA cable to work again?

Issue has been solved. This is how I did it in case someone has the same issue.

In Nvidia X Server Setting I disabled the Xcreen 0 and Xcreen 1.

I selected a proprietary driver. The 340 one. (When I used the 381 one it didn’t work.)

Rebooted. Then made the HDMI connected screen the primary screen and the VGA screen the right one to the primary screen in NVIDIA X Server settings. Then rebooted to see the effects. Before ubuntu-mate 17.04 when I pressed apply you could see the effects immediately.

This post also helped me and worth looking into: Dual monitor configuration issue