Dummy sound - no sound output - 20.10

Hi, I've got a new install of Mate in a dual boot with Win10.
Everything seems to be fine except for the sound - had the same, unresolvable issue sometime ago and removed Ubuntu and was hoping it was now fixed........
The sound card is an integrated intel card and the sound is fine from Windows.
I initially installed Mate/Ubuntu 20.04 but then upgraded to 20.10 hoping it would solve the issue but it hasn't. The kernel is Screenshot of sound setting showing dummy output.
I've seen a few posts on this forum with similar and unresolved issues as I have on the web.
I have tried Pulse Audio and force reloaded. Screenshot of the snd_hda_intel output from terminal.
I hope someone can help otherwise it's bye bye Linux. I need sound. I am a DJ and music is it.

You might want to install the latest release (21.04) and see if the issue is resolved with Kernel 5.11 and newer packages.
I have a chromebook that encountered the same issue in previous releases and had to do extra steps to make it work. Now it's hassle free.


I'll see what I can do. Should be available via software and updates?

Update. Now running 21.04 with kernel generic. No change. Same issue. Dummy output listed for sound device and no sound. Bueller? Anyone?

FINAL Update. If anyone has this issue, I followed step #2 of this post and it worked!

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