Duplicate Google Chrome icons on Plank

So I’m using Eleven with mate as my interface, loving it. However I want to add a Chrome icon to the bar but it won’t let me. The icon (very low res version) does appear when the browser is open but disappears once it’s closed.

It’s not a major problem just an annoyance.

It just seems to be the chrome icon, I’ve also notice this on my chromebook that has Elementary OS freyer. I think it might be a plank issues as Elementary use Plank too.

It is a bug with Plank. They (elementary os) has been working on this for well over a year now with no apparent solution available. Has something to do with the way Chrome works. Used to be a work around but that no longer works past Ubuntu 12.04.

Cheers for the info.

Shame really. I’ll jst stick with Chrome launching when I boot up.

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I think I misread your question. You can add the icon to plank. Right click on it while its opened and click on keep in dock.
But you will have two icons when chrome is opened. The launcher icon will be hi def but the “opened” icon will be low res still and will disappear when chrome is closed,

I hate it when two icons, but any way to solve to keep one icon?

There isn’t one for Chrome.

Yeah its a bug in general not just in plank.
It only seems to work in Unity and Gnome shell to have a single icon for chrome

i managed to fix mine by editing:

sudo pluma /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop

and adding:


in three different sections: ie at the end of [Desktop Entry], [NewWindow Shortcut Group] and [NewIncognito Shortcut Group] sections.

you may need to quit and restart plank to see the fix.


Fantastic, works like a trooper…

Thank you.

Just and update, this fix doesn’t stick after a reboot.

it’s annoying that every chrome update overwrites the modified file

i’ve found what looks like a quicker fix than editing the file by hand and making three insertions:

sudo sed -i '/Group\]\|Desktop Entry/a StartupWMClass=Google-chrome-stable' /usr/share/applications/google-chrome.desktop

but that won’t fix it completely - i also had to unpin the chrome icon (right-click and untick keep in dock) then repin it.

i’ve rebooted twice and it seems to work!

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/elementaryos/comments/34sw10/duplicate_chrome_icon_in_plank/

@mickey_megabyte If you copy your editted .desktop file in /usr/share/mate/applications it won’t get clobbered each time thete is a Chrome package update and your modified file will override the system one :slight_smile:

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@Wimpy thanks for that tip (as well as for a great OS!).

i didn’t have that folder, so had to make it manually.

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I’ve just noticed the same problem with Caja and Plank (Caja icon appearing twice in the dock). Is there a similar solution?

i’ve never seen it happen with caja, so sorry, i can’t help :frowning:

After some experimenting, I fixed the Caja issue.The problem appears when the launcher is created by dragging and dropping the Caja icon from the Applications Menu. I deleted all instances of Caja in Plank, I started Caja with Alt-F2 and I ticked the ‘Keep in Dock’ option for the new Caja icon in Plank. This time, it didn’t appear twice anymore.

This worked right out of the box!
Didnt even need to right click and unpin from the dock.

I fixed this by first quitting chrome, as I had it running in the background. Then running via ALT-F2, google-chrome. after which i had the option to keep in the dock and open new windows etc.

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This is awsome mate, thank you! Searched so long for a practicable solution and you found it in the easiest way!