During video playback with movies, this happens

Hi I have noticed that when I am watching a movie with VLC, the audio tends to repeat itself twice then it goes back to normal. Like I mean if someone is talking the words repeat themselves real quick twice. It doesn't happen all the time but every so often throughout the movie. Also, a blip or video artifact like a clear horizontal bar that stretches across the whole screen, starts at the bottom of the screen then moves up then disappears. Its does that throughout the movie every so often too. What could be causing this? These are my laptop specs:
Running Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2

I get that audio artefact in vlc as well

Yeah I'm trying to find a solution online but no luck yet

Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

I found a fix for the audio problem. Check out this link and enter command in terminal then log out and then back in and test a song. That's what I did and the audio artifact disappeared.

I was about to say that there are audio issues with Firefox that could have a common cause and it appears that it's related to the realtime scheduling too.

The fix I had found is a bit different, so I'll put this there just in case others have sound issues and they depend on the settings used: http://mxlinux.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42937

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I found a fix for the video issue/screen tearing. Check out the link below. The first method in the article worked for me. However I have Intel graphics so if you have Nvidia then there is a different method for that.

Here's another link for a fix for Intel graphics screen tearing.

The link below may help with those who have Nvidia graphics.

Here's another link for Nvidia graphics screen tearing issue. This one seems a little more straightforward to me.


Well, even though it's an older post, the issue you described might still resonate with some folks dealing with similar problems today. It's amazing how technology evolves, but some glitches can persist over time. Did you ever manage to resolve those issues with VLC? And speaking of time passing, it's interesting to think about how many new movies in theater have come and gone since then.