DVD not playing, Celluloid says "unrecognized file format", Bourne DVD

Hi. I'm trying to play a Hollywood movie with Celluloid--the program states that the file format is not recognized. I've never tried to play a DVD on my computer before, but now I have a big screen.

sudo lshw -short | grep disk

/0/9/0.0.0 /dev/sda disk 1TB ST1000DM003-1CH1
/0/a/0.0.0 /dev/cdrom disk DVD+-RW DS-8A9SH

So you can see that the drive is detected. And I checked that it was mounted in "Disks" app.
The codecs package from the Software Boutique is installed. I was hoping someone could help me to install the right file format for the Hollywood movie to play.

I had the same problem. I switch to VLC and check out How to Play DVD in Ubuntu 20.04, 18.04 and 16.04. I followed the instructions on this web site and the problem was solved. These instructions also work with UM 22.04

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Also try: "sudo apt install libdvdread8" for 22.04 and "sudo apt install libdvdread7" for 20.04