Dynamic Wallpaper - Ubuntu MATE stars

I’ve made a dynamic wallpaper based on the no-logo Ubuntu MATE stars. (included)
It (really) is GNOME’s Adwaita “day cycle” background, but modified for this distro.

[ubuntu-mate-timed.xml][1] (onedrive.com)
XML document (application/xml) 1,810 bytes

To use it: Go to the Backgrounds Tab under Appearance Preferences, click Add, select All Files from the drop down menu next to the OK / Cancel buttons, and navigate to and select the XML file.

Please don’t judge me, this is my first post. :sweat_smile:
[1]: http://1drv.ms/1faKNYL


Could you post how to use the XML file?

My bad! Sorry.

Added instructions on how to add it to your wallpaper collection. (under MATE)

Am I reading the xml file right that it basically slowly transforms between the wallpapers throughout the day? That’s a neat idea. :smiley:

Why, yes sir!
I specially had a lot of trouble coding a sunset in, since we generally say a day has 24 hours and not 86,400 seconds, yo.
Feel free to remix and respin and dismantle it and remantle it again!

I will package this in Ubuntu MATE 15.10 :smiley:

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Thank you, Wimpy! :blush: Feel free to modify it as needed!

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