E: Unable to locate package libc6-i386

I was was trying to use steam on my raspberry pi 400, but it said it needed to install some packages. that was fine, but it then said it couldn't find any of the packages, then after pressing enter again, an error came up saying: "You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run: libc.so.6". i found tutorials saying to get libc6-i386 but after entering the install command, it said: "E: Unable to locate package libc6-i386" i started looking that up in YouTube, but nothing worked.

That is understandable:

You can't play PC-games on a Raspberry Pi and you also can't run PC-libraries on a Raspberry Pi.

None of the i386 libraries will work because they are designed for x86 processors.
Your Raspberry Pi 400 has a ARM CPU (Cortex-A72) which is a completely different kind of CPU and therefore not compatible with x86

Remember that with steam for the Raspberry Pi you can only run games that are specially compiled for the Raspberry Pi, so no PC -games whatsoever.

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i have box64, which allows you to run x64 type applications

Ok, let's see

So you are running steam on top of box64 which runs on top of MATE for ARM.
The i386 libraries are not in the repository for MATE for ARM (wrong architecture) and will therefore not be installed, but you might get lucky if you download the i386 packages manually from here and get them to run on box64.

I don't know much about box64 so all bets are off.
You might get some help here

Also note this:

Note that Steam is a hybrid 32-bit / 64-bit. You NEED box86 to run Steam, as the client app is a 32-bit binary. It also uses a 64-bit local server binaries, but like most stuff using libcef/chromium, it's not working correctly on box64 for now. So, no Steam for now on box64.

maybe someone could try figuring out how this guy got box86 working, because he decided NOT to give a tutorial for some reason! Raspberry Pi 4: STEAM with BOX86 | SHOVEL KNIGHT - YouTube

Well, the tutorial is here: https://github.com/ptitSeb/box86#readme
And here: https://ptitseb.github.io/box86/
So "someone" already figured out how to get box86 working:

That "someone" is probably the author of box86 himself.
Why don't you ask him ?
He'll probably knows how his own written stuff works,
at least he is in the best position to do so :slight_smile:

Contact him here: https://github.com/ptitSeb/box86/issues

b.t.w. Would this be something useful ?
Raspbian X For The Raspberry Pi Is Awesome! It Has Steam, Box86 and RetroPie!

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