Early upgrade to 18.04

I know it is regarded as too early to upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04 but …
and I am aware of this post:

I nonetheless noticed that on an otherwise successful upgrade the boot time was greatly increased. I was using a SSD hard drive with LVM. Once booted it was fine but it does detract from spending the extra on a SSD.

With “quiet” boot disabled it gave these errors:

“failed to connect to lvmetad” “falling back to device scanning”

where it sat for a while.

I did a fresh install just to be sure it was not just about the “upgrade” but got the same result.

There is reference to a similar problem in the above report that cross-references a bugzilla report on Redhat (an old one) that was not really resolved at that time.

It is not a problem I have had with Debian and I wondered if anyone else had had this problem?

I ended up reinstalling without lvm to get rid of this annoyance. Please note I do have a bit of an odd motherboard, GIGABYTE GA-990X-Gaming SLI.