Editing Menus In MATE

Day 2 of my adventure into Ubuntu MATE, I now have everything I used to use in Windows set up and working!
One thing I'm struggling with is editing the menus - either the main one that I have added to the top panel or the very nifty MATE one at the left of the top panel.
Both menus bring up the same editor but it only seems to try to edit the main menu - and it crashed about six times so I stopped in the end. I can't find any way to edit the MATE menu (I think it's called the brisk menu?).
Any pointers please? If it's laid out in a folder structure that I can access I am happy to edit that.
Many thanks.

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Hello jeff, welcome to Ubuntu-Mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

Menu editing.
At some stage in the future I am going to have to do a completely fresh install, using a backup of my /home directory, stripped of all configuration files - all because I have over the years edited ( "messed-around" too much) with my menus.

  • The brisk menu has allowed me to put off that day.
  • The brisk menu in 22.04 even picks up programs installed as Flatpaks.

If you want my advice, leave the brisk menu alone.
I would also advise caution if considering editing the other menus, as I have found no way to "restore" a "fresh" (i.e. as delivered) menu-status, should things go wrong.

Enjoy discovering all that Ubuntu-Mate enables you to do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks alpinejohn :smile:
I have been playing with panels this morning and added/removed the Brisk menu a couple of times - only one of them is full though. However, it seems good natured enough if you remove all the instances then just add one back.
The standard menu editor is a bit hit and miss but the Brisk men seems to follow it for the categories Brisk has, can't see how to add new categories to Brisk yet.
Thanks for the "here there be dragons" warning!!!