Eliminate prompt for deleting files in engrampa

Is there a way engrampa to avoid this window when deleting files in an archive?


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Hi, @fixit7.

You asked:

I don't think there is a way to avoid the confirmation window / dialog box when deleting files from an archive in "Engrampa Archive Manager". I've ran some web searches and I've also read the "Archive Manager Manual" (which is the "online help" that appears when you press the F1 key in "Engrampa") and I haven't found any reference to that possibility.

(for people that may not know: in this context, an "archive" is basically a file that contains other files, such as a ZIP file, a "tar" file or something similar).

Besides the GUI (Graphical User Interface), I've found that "engrampa" is also a command (!) that you may run in the command line, but apparently there is not any option to delete files from an archive (but only to add files to an archive or to extract files from an archive) as you may read in the "engrampa" man page: Ubuntu Manpage: Engrampa - Archive Manager for MATE

You may want to submit a Feature Request for that feature (delete files from an archive without getting prompted to confirm the removal) in the "Issues" page available in the URL that is mentioned in the "BUGS" section of the man page. The link to that "Issues" web page is the following:

I hope this helps, in some way.

thanks for your help.

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