Enable Prnter in Policies

Have managed to install my Canon Pixma 5550 as a Wireless printer, apparently successfully, but it will not print. Job stays “Pending”. The reason given by Diagnostics is that “Enabled” needs to be checked in Policies. However, I have checked this box several times but it does not stay checked even though I’ve clicked the ‘Apply’ button. Any ideas?

HI @GrahamR,

try the Canon Asia links provided here and install the drivers again:

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Thanks.I was fairly sure that I had the right drivers so concentrated on the setup. After several attempts trying to follow the on-screen instructions, I finally hit on the solution. The problem centred on the printer address and what worked was far simpler than I thought: I ignored the “Network Printer” option but simply filled in the URL like this:
http:// the IP address plus 631. For example:
(I think the 631 is to do with the printer queue).

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