Enabling "Location" system-wide: is that even possible?

I try avoiding the mouse as much as I can but sadly this does not seem to be highly possible to do so when using TTY7.

I am running 22.04 but I have had this frustration since I opted back on Linux a couple of years ago.

My problem is: I would like for all my programs to support the location (in the format of: /home/myuser/)

I see that most applications support this feature via a "type a filename" icon at the very left side yet not all applications support this it seems.

So my question is: for the applications that do NOT support the "type a filename" option would it need to be done individually, at the application level, or is there a "MATE method" to enable/force this feature by default on all?

For those wondering, here is what I am referencing to which is located at the top of the "file -> open" window:

Location can be enabled but is not:
Screenshot at 2022-04-21 16-29-58

Location was enabled so now I can type in whichever folder that I wish to access directly instead of having to click my way in there:
Screenshot at 2022-04-21 16-30-10

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe a setting? Who can be the judge of that?

Also I understand CTRL+L is a shortcut for browsers to access the address bar but when I use a program such as Libre Office's Writer pressing CTRL+L after going for FILES -> OPEN doesn't do anything :frowning: