Enlarge program window in wine


I have a program that I run with wine.

But it’s window is pretty small and right clicking it give no option to maximize it.

Is there another way to maximize the window or make it larger?


I suspect that it would depend on the program and/or your window manager. The few that I use don’t have any problems. Maybe simply try to drag the edges.


Dragging edges does not work.

I am looking for a timer that lets you set multiple times and has either a built in buzzer or lets you pick a sound file.

I forgot the name, but I did not care for one that you can add to the panel.

Here is the windows program. It is freeware.



When I just want a simple timer, I use gnome-clocks. Nothing special, but it works and is in the repos.


Thanks. gnome-clocks is too basic for me. Not configurable.