Enter Password To Unlock Your Key Ring How to fix?

The first Time I try to open Google Chrome or Opera for the first time after booting my PC I get a Message

"The Login Key Ring did not get unlocked when you logged into your computer"
and a dialog Box pops saying

"Enter Password to unlock your key ring"

I'm running Ubuntu Release 18.04.2 LTS (Bionic Beaver) 64-bit

How do I fix this?


There is more than one way to deal with this. Search on "ubuntu: enter password to unlock keyring" - lots of hits.

Use this command - google-chrome-stable --password-store=basic in a launcher. It always works.

You can reset the "Default keyring" to have a blank password.

Open Applications, Accessories, Passwords and Keys. Delete anything there, usually Login. Create a new Password Keyring called Default or Default keyring. Make it have a blank password. Log out and back in. Be sure that the new keyring is set as default and that it is unlocked. Launch Google Chrome. Note the absence of a login keyring request.

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