EOM not reacting to fwd - bkwd mousebuttons

Has anyone this problem too?
Since I updated to UM 22.04 Eye Of Mate doesn't react to button 8 + 9 to switch pictures.
dconf editor shows no way to set this as it is with Caja.

Don't know but by searching for Ubuntu Remap Mouse Buttons came across multiple hits.

This seems a maybe but don't know how it would handle issue when you need forward and back in browser so probably not the solution for your question.


Did not find eom plugins which would probably be the needed method vs remapping the mouse.

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I forgot that this is not a native behavior of EOM.
Some time ago I made it via xbindkeys and xte. But that seems not working anymore.
Thank you for the link! I downloaded and will try it.

Found my personal solution in changing to "Viewnior".
Still wondering why EOM doesn't allow switching by mouse.

If anybody is interested:
After a few updates to Mate 22.04.1 once more I tried xbindkeys.
And, voila! It is working again!