Epson 2200 borderless photo printing?

I was thrilled that when I plugged in the USB cable for my Epson 2200 printer the driver and everything installed automatically.

It also allowed printing the nozzle check pattern and nozzle cleaning functions and had borderless as one of the page setup options.

So I tried printing a photo with GIMP. Prints look good and pretty close to the on screen colors even without any attempt at calibration so far, but I can’t get rid of the white 1/8"-1/4" border at the top. I’ve permuted everything I can think of too little effect.

What’s weird is if I turn off borderless printing I get a nice 1/8" border except for the top of the page where is just a barely visible white line.

But borderless photo printing is the requirement – its one of two reasons I still have a Windows7 system – borderless photo printing and video editing. It’ll be a long time, if ever, when a Linux replacement for Sony Vegas Pro exists, but I use such a small sub-set of its features I’ll be looking in to the options available on Ubuntu-MATE 16.04 over the next few day.

Does anyone get true borderless photo printing on Linux? Particularly on the Epson 2200 or some other photo printer that can still be purchased new?

Hi @wally333,

try the drivers from here, there are different packages so take your time!:

There are only two drivers there for EPSON Stylus 2200 photo printer, one for CUPS the other for lpr. Both are dated 12-21-2011, hardly new :frowning:

I recently used those drivers on a friends Epson and it works fine, I don’t know about borders etc but printing and scanning are working. Try them out, what have you got to lose?. :smiley: