EPSXE - how to run in Ubuntu?

Hello everyone.I am new in community.I back to the best distro for laptop.How to configure or install Epsxe?My Ubuntu Mate is 16.04.2 64bit.

Hello Oczkins92

There are two playstation emulators in our software sources.

You can take a closer look by using Synaptic Package Manager which can be installed using our Software Boutique.

I am not a gamer and do not use these packages. So I'm not much further help on this. Good luck

I know about these.Both are good but pcsxr has terrible perfomance(my hardware is enonough for smoothly gaming in psx games).

Ok, I had a look around and 2.0.5 seems to be the latest one out there.


Ok.Thanks i found and downloade.This is slution if for somebody who has problem with running.
sudo apt-get install libsdl-ttf2.0-0.Works for me now.If still not working install these dependencies:
This for 64bit EPSXE version

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