Equalizer - libasound2-plugin-equal any good?

Was wondering if anyone out there has any experiance with libasound2-plugin-equal? I did not want to run pulse-equalizer as it will not be supported in 16.04 with the loss of python. I want to install a system wide eq, but dont want to break my sound.

thanks ahead for your input.

I spent a few minutes playing with it. From what I can tell, its not a stand-a-lone equalizer and will not just pull up in terminal. Not what I would want for system wide use.

Ahhh, ok. Thank you for your reply. Guess I will keep looking and hoping soemone will develope something soon.

Hi @Metomorphis,

what about "Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins", I haven't tried it but might be worth a try?:

sudo apt-get install tap-plugins

Tom Szilagyi has written a number of plugins for LADSPA compatible hosts (e.g. Ardour, GNU Sound and GStreamer). The plugins (Equalizer, Reverberator, Stereo Echo, Tremolo, Scaling Limiter, AutoPanner and DeEsser) have been written primarily for Ardour but should work well with any LADSPA host.

See also:


I hope it helps. :smiley: