Error connecting to pulseaudio

I installed pulse audio equalizer.

When I ran qpaeq, I get this message.

There was an error connecting to pulseaudio, please make sure you have the pulseaudio dbus module loaded, exiting...

Is there a fix or some other equalizer that works ?

Hi fixIt7,

try installing the package "pulseeffects" which may help?:

sudo apt install pulseeffects

PulseEffects is an advanced system-wide equalizer that works with PulseAudio. It can apply system-wide effects to all running application or selected apps.

PulseEffects also provides many pre-defined sound effects for PulseAudio input and output. :grinning:

There are also several extra package recommendations!.

Thanks so much. PulseEffects has its own equalizer.

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Is this solved now?. :grinning: