Error on selecting top menu item "Places"

Can anyone help me. I have a new installation of 14.04 and after installing my chosen applications. I found and error when using the Places menu item. One of my programs is Anjuta. When I select “Places->Home Folder” or “Places->Desktop”, instead of the file manager firing up I get Anjuta starting instead. The other menu items under Places work fine. The Anjuta menu item under Programming works fine.

What’s going on and how do I correct it??


(It’s my first post so be kind)


I don't know the app so I don't know how well it will work with Ubuntu Mate, that said, open Control Center > Personal > Prefered Applications > System and see what settings you have there, it should look like this:

Hope it helps. :smiley:

Well done Wolfman! It worked, all fixed now. I had Anjuta set in the file manager field. How that happened is beyond me!! (Anjuta is an IDE for C, C++ programming)

Another problem I’ve experienced which I don’t know if it’s a bug, is that when I click the Firefox icon on the top menu the computer locks up and the display shows a white screen, probably a driver issue??, not every time be quite often. But when I start Firefox through the other menu routes or an icon on the desktop, there is no problem.


Hi Peter,

try changing your software sources download location per the update guide and see if that fixes that the problem for you:

I’m not new to ubuntu but I am to ubuntu mate. Love the layout. Maybe it’s not matured yet like other ubuntu desktops, so there is bound to be a few issues. I like the idea of changing software sources, I’ve noticed when I done this with other ubuntus, I get different updates…strange! Definitly worth a try.
Thanks again. Wolfman