Error - "Unable to mount location"

Hello there!

I’ve recently installed Ubuntu Mate and actually very happy with it!

Here is my problem.
When I try to reach my SSD via Computer App it gives me an error:
“Unable to mount location, can’t mount file.”

Any ideas? SSD - KINGSTON SKC300S37A120G

Open a terminal, and run:


and post the output here.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

sda 0 0 disk 111,8G KINGSTO
├─sda1 0 0 part 108G ext4 5196e415-f291-444e-9e84-c63477468af1 /
├─sda2 0 0 part 1K
└─sda5 0 0 part 3,9G swap 7b6d18d3-41ef-41d1-a423-4d47cf670e28 [SWAP]
sr0 1 0 rom 1024M DVD RW

What application is giving that error? The SSD is already mounted as root (/).

“Computer”. It’s in a “Places” menu.

Right. You can't access the "whole" drive of a mounted drive that way. You can access the file system, root (/), with the "File System" icon. Unmounted file systems can be accessed that way though:

I can access any of the ST3160815AS:ROOT icons, and they will mount as normal, because they are currently unmounted by the system meaning they are not listed in /etc/fstab. I cannot access the WDC WD10EZEX-00BNSA0 drive because partitions of that drive are mounted and listed in /etc/fstab.


Oh, I see. Looks like It’s just different from Windows :smirk:
I’m glad, that everything is working properly, though.
Thanks a lot for explanation and help! Really appreciate that :slight_smile:

It’s quite an old bug, but one of the developers know about it (2 years ago…):

i also have same problem.i can't access window files and folder in ubuntumate //////// can u help me also

What's the logic in that?

I would expect that double click on a device listed in fstab will just trigger its mounting according to the definitions in fstab and then behave like the drives which are not defined by fstab.

Is that achievable?
If not, once I define a device on fstab what would be the simplest way to trigger its mounting (In case I set noauto in fstab)?