Error when using the human theme

I transferred the "Human" theme from ubuntu 8 and packaged it in the desired archive type, but when I install it and apply it, when I press the "applications", "places" and "system" buttons, the panels reboot! and when you press switch layout, the language selection menu appears in two places. help me fix it please!
archives: human.tar.gz and 1 other file |

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Welcome @igor44414 to the community!

help me fix it please!

this theme may be too old (ubuntu 8) to be used in today's 22.04 or 24.04

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So the point of MATE's existence is to be like GNOME 2 and support its themes!
Then I don't understand its existence since it doesn't support old themes.

I d/l the theme and installed it to my um22.04. Here's the screenshot,

neofetch shows the theme and icons were installed, the file manager shows different icons.


I fixed the theme!
there is a problem with incorrect SVGs where links to one file have not been finalized here is the corrected theme: correct_human.tar.gz |

Hi, @igor44414 (igor s) :slight_smile:

I'm glad that you've solved the problem you had with the "Human" theme. I've never tried that theme, but I've found the following topic, here in the "Ubuntu MATE Community", started by the long time user @ugnvs (Eugene), on 13th June 2019, that may also be interesting to you:

Let me quote here that @ugnvs 's post in its entirety, for easier reference:

"Dear All,

TraditionalHumanized theme is gtk2, gtk3 theme for Ubuntu Mate 18.04. It was derived from well-polished TraditionalOk Theme. No bicycles reinvented.

The essence of TraditionalHumanized theme is that it reproduces classic Human gtk2 theme colors, uses Humanity icon set and features dimmed background colors. It does not kill eyes.

Hopefully it could help to lesser frustrations on the absence of beloved old-fashioned GTK2 Human theme in the up-to date Ubuntu Mate 18.04. At least it did for me.

Please visit to evaluate TraditionalHumanized theme. Do not forget to install Humanity icon set before turning TraditionalHumanized theme on.

Gene "

The linked web page in that topic is "Human GTK3 - TraditionalHumanized Themes - /s/Mate" - :

I hope this is interesting / useful :slight_smile:


Thanks! I'll try this topic.

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