EVE Online - working Dev's Launcher for Linux in popular MMO!

First of all, Hello!

I am new here, just started my adventure with Ubuntu MATE as the only OS on my laptop after having it in dual boot with W10 for some time.

The exciting news for me and maybe for some of you, using your Linux machines for gaming, is that I’ve installed one of the most popular space opera MMOs in the world - EVE online, on my lenovo y580 with Ubuntu MATE 16.04 and it works flawlessly! I like EVE and was a bit worried about being able to run it after switching completely to Linux, but the installation was a piee of cake and the graphics looks great on GTX660m with opensource drivers from PPA using compton as a WM.

There is a dev in EVE’s community that made a little project and created an EVE launcher for Linux, it worked like a charm for me, took maybe 3 clicks to install and can be found here:

link to the launcher on EVE online forums topic

if you need to know more about the game go here:

EVE online

I’m very happy that it all worked so well and I can play my favourite game on my favourite Linux distro.
Who said that Linux is not good for gaming?!
See you in space!

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Thanks for sharing and welcome to Ubuntu MATE universe … :grinning:

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New to Ubuntu-Mate too (but not to Ubuntu overall) and I too play Eve Online :slight_smile: I don’t use the linux Launcher though as I run it through PlayOnLinux, to take advantage of newer wine versions.
Definitely prefer Mate version over Ubuntu Gnome…maybe I’m getting old as I prefer the older style desktop!

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The devs made a wine version for the launcher by themselves particularly to do the job, optimized for playing EVE, and it works very well for me. Maybe you are right, and using newer wine is better, but for me the highest graphics and Idontknowhowmany FPSs aren’t as important, I prefer stable, and changing wine can get things nasty sometimes.