Even nearer Pantheon


Here is my modified Pantheon layout that looks a bit more like actual Pantheon of Elementary OS


Tell us more about the launcher, pleaseā€¦


It is the Panther launcher by rastersoft, originally a copy of the pantheon launcher for gnome without dependence on Elementary only libraries such as Granite, from what I understand people from the Mate community paid rastersoft to add MATE support which was done, however it does not integrate very well with the MATE desktop i.e. does not listen to Mozo etc, also I believe it has been abandoned as the files only technically support through 16.04 though it runs fine on 18.04 as that is what the screenshot is of there is pretty much all my knowledge of it :grin:


It also takes some dconf editing to make it consistently look like that without doing editing it only has two columns instead of the usual 5 and looks weird


Ah neat, how did you managed to install it on 18.04 for us newbies. :slight_smile:

Always liked the look of this launcher.


Ok, go to www.rastersoft.com scroll down until you see the news for the latest build which was in July, click on the link which takes you to the panther launcher page; download the xenial .deb file and install it with gdebi and it should install fine; if you need help getting it to look like it does in my screenshot; the dconf editor makes it pretty simple; btw it may not show in the add to panel list until after a reboot; if you need anything else let me know; btw I guess it still is maintained


Got it installed, thanks for the help!

Did noticed that on the download it showed version 1.2.0 even though I chose the most recent one (1.3.1).

How is it that you got it to show like that? Mine has 5 rows and it looks pretty big.


dconf editor: dconf, org, rastersoft, panther


Oh no wonder I didnt find it, I had the flatpak version of dconf-editor and some options dont appear on it.

Saw that there is a hotkey to open it on the gnome shell. Did you manage to find a way to open it by pressing the Super key on Mate?


I did not even try whether or not it was super key activated as I do not
use it as my personal layout