Evolution 3.46.1 No send button for new emails

My Ubuntu MATE 22.10 went through some sort of version update, during which Evolution was deleted. I added it back, and all my settings and offline messages are still there.

The new version adds a header bar; I'm unemotional about it, neither pro nor con, I'll use it. However, when I reply to an email or create a new one, the message window does not display a Send button; it doesn't have a header bar at all. The send option is available under the File menu. I Googled and found some screenshots in which the send button is shown, but I don't see any setting in the message window menus to toggle on the header bar or show the send button.

Is there any way to get the send button back? Since this is such a common action, having to pull down the menu every time is a nuisance.


Hello guyr

This could be a problem that is linked to the "Theme" you chose (System>Preferences>Look and Feel>Appearance).

You could try one or two other Themes to see if changes the buttons you are able to see. :thinking:


alpinejohn, thanks for giving me a suggestion. Unfortunately, I tried a half-dozen other themes, and none of them produced a Send button. Very strange - can I possibly be the only person encountering this?

I did some snooping in the Evolution UI files in /usr/share/evolution/ui, specifically in evolution-composer.ui. At line 62, I see the following:

<toolbar name='main-toolbar'>
  <placeholder name='pre-main-toolbar'>
    <toolitem action='send'/>
    <separator name='send-separator'/>
    <toolitem action='save-draft'/>
    <separator name='save-draft-separator'/>
  <separator name='prioritize-message-separator'/>
  <toolitem action='toolbar-prioritize-message'/>
  <toolitem action='toolbar-request-read-receipt'/>

I haven't studied the Evolution source code at all, so I don't know if the code somehow removes that placeholder block at run time. So, I tried just editing the file and manually removing the two placeholder lines. That worked! Now the send icon is showing in the tool bar, and clicking it sends the message in the composer window.

This helps me to easily send emails, but doesn't address my original comment about not showing the Send button in the new header bar. Hopefully someone familiar with Evolution deployment in Ubuntu will jump in here to explain.

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