Evolution Email account problem

Seeing that UM is switching to Evolution in 19.10, I decided to try it out in 18.04 and overall I like it however I cannot seem to get one of my gmail accounts configured properly, the difference to a normal gmail account is that it doesn't end with @gmail.com, rather because I got it through my college it ends with .edu, and although the contacts and calendar part work the email part does not, If anybody has experience with Evolution, help would be appreciated

Does gsuite use different imap/smtp server address from regular gmail?

I'm not sure I've tried a couple of things but nothing entirely worked so far the most i could get was the contracts and calendar portion working

Can you verify your settings match these..


I've had trouble with Evolution in the past - not showing all the imap account contents. I use Thunderbird with KOrganiser and KAddressBook (without synchronisation) as I do not trust the Thunderbird calendar extension (it went "awol" at the end of last year for a number of months).

thank you I followed some of this and it seems to be working now

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